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Updated: Mar 9, 2023

DELAWARE COUNTY, OH – February 2023 – The Delaware Area Career Center (DACC), BridgED, and the ESC of Central Ohio today announced their partnership to help “bridge the gap” between K-12 educators and the business community. BridgED was built by corporate engagement professionals in academia who have their fingers on the pulse of the central Ohio economy and business community. Through this partnership, the company will support the DACC by identifying central Ohio companies within 16 different career fields to educate teachers on high-demand jobs of today and the future. The ~100 teachers who will participate in the professional development seminar will receive credit and infuse their learnings into classroom curriculum. The ESC of Central Ohio will financially support the partnership.

“I am thrilled to express my gratitude to BridgED and the ESC of Central Ohio for their partnership as we work together to empower, prepare, inspire, and connect opportunities for students of every age throughout Delaware County,” said Jay Poroda, Superintendent of the DACC. “This seminar is a testament to their dedication to supporting the needs of our community and businesses. This pilot project will create a world of opportunities for Delaware County educators and students to explore new, creative, and meaningful career options. We are truly grateful for their partnership."

As a result of their current K-12 partnerships, BridgED will be constructing a winning format using best practices for companies to use when presenting to teachers. The companies participating in the DACC seminar will integrate these best practices and format into their content and delivery. The seminar is scheduled for June 14, 2023, and will have both virtual and in-person components. Teachers in the Buckeye Valley, Big Walnut, Delaware, Olentangy, Westerville, Worthington districts, and Ohio School for the Deaf can register will be able to register for the event in the coming weeks.

“Educating teachers on the in-demand jobs, skills and dispositions necessary to compete in today’s economy will help them incorporate learnings into relevant and innovative curriculum for students,” said Christy Bertolo, Co-Founder of BridgED. “Central Ohio is experiencing significant workforce challenges and having our teachers aware of and understanding career pathways is critical. We at BridgED are excited to contribute to this professional development event.”

Dr. Tom Goodney, superintendent of Educational Service Center of Central Ohio, serves the needs of member districts in eight counties, including the DACC. As an organization that fills the gaps for teachers, students, and parents, he’s keenly aware of beneficial outcomes that arise when schools and community organization work together to support learning.

“Education is about preparing students for life after high school, and that includes giving them exposure to career opportunities. The earlier they can learn about different fields, necessary qualifications, and opportunities for advancement, the more likely they are to succeed earlier in life,” said Dr. Goodney. “BridgED is a valuable program that will undoubtedly enhance the educational program being developed by the DACC.”

The partnership launched in February 2023 and will culminate with the teacher event on June 14, 2023. If your company is interested in partnering with the DACC on this teacher-focused program please visit the BridgED website at or email Chris Svec


About The Delaware Area Career Center

DACC provides unique elective courses to high school students in Delaware County and surrounding areas. We work in partnership with high schools to enhance academic education with hands-on instruction that is focused on each individual student's area of interest. DACC students still graduate from their home high school, but they do so with additional college credits, industry credentials, and valuable experiences. The DACC also supports adult students who can expand their career options at DACC through advanced training that can increase their employability or give them a fresh start on a new career. Adult education classes include Ohio Basic Peace Officer Training, Firefighting, Welding and Nurse Aide Training.

About BridgED

BridgED is a consulting company developed to “bridge the gap” between K-12 and the business community. The mission of BridgED is to create awareness, access and understanding of career pathways for students, teachers, and parents by facilitating strategic partnerships with K-12 districts and companies. The results include workforce development, work-based learning opportunities, philanthropic giving (scholarships and sponsorships), and helping students define their path forward. Learn more at

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