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Buckeye Valley Local, Delaware City School District, and ESCCO Announce Partnership with BridgED


DELAWARE COUNTY, OH – February 13, 2023 - Buckeye Valley Local School District, Delaware City School District, and the ESC of Central Ohio today announced a partnership with BridgED to bridge the gap between K-12 education and the business community. The consulting company, built by corporate engagement professionals in academia, strives to solve the fundamental challenges of helping companies and districts work together. Through this exciting partnership, the districts will create opportunities for students to receive career path exposure, workforce development, internships, and so much more.

“Buckeye Valley is excited to partner with BridgED and elevate our 2020 and Beyond Strategic Plan. We are actively expanding options to increase workforce readiness and providing student access to community-based learning experiences and partnerships. We are committed to serving as a partner with Central Ohio businesses as our region strives to recruit and maintain a highly skilled and motivated workforce,” said Brian Orrenmaa, Director of Academic Achievement.

“Delaware City Schools is looking forward to partnering with BridgED to make progress on the Community Engagement pillar of our strategic plan to enhance business and community partnerships to provide relevant opportunities and experience for K-12 students. This collaborative work will directly benefit our students and families by providing exposure to the variety of career pathways, the multiple on and off ramps that are available to this generation, along with opportunities for job shadowing, externships, and apprenticeships,” said Aaron R. Cook, Director of Secondary Education

Through the partnership, BridgED will connect the districts with almost a dozen Delaware County and Central Ohio businesses that have an interest in supporting education and a desire to fulfill workplace needs. The companies represent a diverse range of industries to ensure students, teachers and parents know what’s available in the marketplace and how to best prepare for future opportunities. For example, the Buckeye Valley and Delaware city program will infuse teacher externships, work-based learning, parent communication, career days, classroom engagement, capstone programs and more.

“We understand the impact that comes from creating synergies between the business community and school district stakeholders. Our goal is to partner with companies that can show students the career opportunities that await them during college, after college, or in lieu of college,” said Christy Bertolo, co-

founder of BridgED. “We are excited to work together with both districts to build a robust corporate engagement program that is sustainable and delivers on objectives.”

Dr. Tom Goodney, superintendent of Educational Service Center of Central Ohio, serves the needs of member districts in eight counties, including Buckeye Valley and Delaware City schools. As an organization that fills the gaps for teachers, students and parents, he’s keenly aware of beneficial outcomes that arise when schools and community organization work together to support learning.

“Education is about preparing students for life after high school, and that includes giving them exposure to career opportunities. The earlier they can learn about different fields, necessary qualifications, and opportunities for advancement, the more likely they are to succeed earlier in life,” said Dr. Goodney. “BridgED is a valuable program that will undoubtedly enhance the educational experience at Buckeye Valley, Delaware City and other partner districts.”


About Buckeye Valley Schools

The Buckeye Valley Local School District is located 30 miles north of Columbus, Ohio, in Delaware County. The district covers 206 square miles and spans over four counties. The growing district is conveniently located near the Columbus metropolitan area. The Buckeye Valley school district educates approximately 2300 students. The district operates two elementary schools located in Ostrander and Ashley and a middle school and high school centrally located on Coover Road just north of the City of Delaware.

About Delaware City Schools

Delaware City Schools is a suburban community located about 20 minutes north of Columbus, OH. The school district was established in 1830 and continues to grow in student enrollment, now serving approximately 5700 students. With a wide variety of curricular and extracurricular opportunities, Delaware City Schools are consistently a top performing district in many measures.

About BridgED

BridgED is a consulting company developed to “bridge the gap” between K-12 and the business community. BridgED has a proven playbook and process for K-12 districts to implement when forging relationships with industry to enhance student, parent and teacher experiences. They accelerate the corporate engagement efforts, develop the workforce, increase work-based learning opportunities, boost philanthropic giving (scholarships and sponsorships), and help students define their path forward

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