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Bringing awareness, access, and understanding of career pathways for K-12 students, teachers and parents.

BridgED is a K-12 consulting company and activation team built to “bridge the gap” between K-12 schools and the business community. BridgED was built by corporate engagement professionals in academia to solve the fundamental challenges of helping companies and districts work together. BridgED acts as a single point of coordination between the business community and school districts using a proven process. The impact is real world experiences, work-based learning, teacher externships, philanthropic giving (scholarships), and ultimately, student success.

Client Reviews

olentangy school district consulting
"Olentangy Schools has had a challenge building sustainable, win-win business partnerships until we worked with BridgED. Our partnerships were one-off experiences, based on individual relationship and not on a consistent framework of streamlined coordination between the business community and our district. Since our work started, we have created dozens of engagement opportunities, and build relationship across our district to solidify this framework."

Todd Meyer, Superintendent

Our Services

Access. Awareness. Understanding.

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Relationship Management

We deploy a consistent, collaborative, and continual process for managing corporate partnerships on behalf of school districts. 

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Business Advisory Council Development

We build and develop successful business advisory councils for school districts. We have the playbook to activate purpose-driven councils that deliver results.


Professional Development

We build customized professional development programs for teachers which incorporate the business community. Our programs address the gaps that exist between real world application and the classroom. 

Our District Partners

Our Corporate Partners

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